What is Dorm Crew?

"I genuinely believe that I learned more about work, leadership, time management, and most other valuable life skills from Dorm Crew than I did from any other single source at Harvard...I think it should be a required course." —Kathryn Reed '12

Founded in 1951, Dorm Crew is an entirely student-run division of Harvard Campus Services that employs more than 800 students annually. We are the largest student employer on campus, and many students work for Dorm Crew at some point during their undergraduate careers. Dorm Crew is a Harvard tradition unlike any other, and we hope our community can be a valuable part of your undergraduate experience through the employment opportunities we provide and the variety of services we offer.

In addition to our Fall Clean-Up pre-orientation program, Dorm Crew provides the Harvard community with a diverse suite of cleaning and support services including dorm and House cleaning at move-out; private bathroom cleaning during the fall, summer, and spring terms; Harvard Yard classroom cleaning; snow removal; residential life safety inspections; and event set-up and clean-up. We also offer a variety of services exclusively for Harvard first-years such as distributing toilet paper and dorm room supplies. Our intensive leadership development system prepares a team of 30-40 student managers—known as "captains"—to oversee this entire operation. 

Students often discover Dorm Crew to be a relaxing break from Harvard academic life, while the competitive wages and flexible schedules—all employees set their own hours—make Dorm Crew one of the easiest ways to earn money on campus. Our Captains, who all began by working term-time jobs, find the leadership and management training to be unmatched by anything else at Harvard. And our alumni consistently point to Dorm Crew as one of the most valuable items on their resumes, emphasizing for potential employers that they are industrious, reliable, and self-motivated. Whether you are looking for a great community of friends, a nice paycheck, or just a way to unwind from papers and problem sets, we welcome you to take part in this unique Harvard tradition.