What is Dorm Crew?

"I genuinely believe that I learned more about work, leadership, time management, and most other valuable life skills from Dorm Crew than I did from any other single source at Harvard...I think it should be a required course." —Kathryn Reed '12

What Does Dorm Crew Do?

Created in 1951 as a student employment and leadership program for undergraduates, Dorm Crew offers employment opportunities, leadership development, and advising resources to more than 800 students annually.

  • The Fall Clean-Up Pre-Orientation Work Opportunity fosters opportunities for exchange and dialogue among students with a diversity of experiences and mentors first-year students during their transition to college. First-years work together to clean and prepare the dorms for move-in while learning about life at Harvard from returning students. FCU's philosophy is that the bonds of community formed over shared work and accomplishment engender the empathy and openness that are foundational to a Harvard education.
  • An intensive leadership development program perpares students to assume management and leadership roles in their professional lives. Our curriculum emphasizes collaboration, adaptability, and creative problem-solving while offering practical experience managing a diverse workforce, refining interpersonal communication skills, and developing personal leadership styles.
  • The Dorm Crew Advising Network connects current students with Harvard alumni from across the globe for advice and mentorship during their undergraduate studies and beyond. 
  • A wide range of campus services supports the entire University community and provides hundreds of on-campus employment opportunities: 
    • Technical support for A/V equipment in undergraduate houses
    • Sustainability and waste-reduction programs across campus
    • Facilities maintenance and inspections in residential and classroom buildings
    • Residential building clean-ups before move-in and after move-out
    • Event staffing and support for major campus events such as Commencement and Harvard College Reunions. 
    • First-Year Student Services support residential life in Harvard Yard.

Why Join Dorm Crew?

Dorm Crew is a popular on-campus employment opportunity that offers competitive pay and flexible schedules. Yet while many students join for the job, they stay for the welcoming and supportive community fostered by undergraduates and alumni and for the opportunity to take part in Dorm Crew's leadership development program, which students widely regard as a formative and foundational leadership experience.

Whether you are looking for a great community of friends, a flexible campus job, a place to connect with Harvard alumni, a chance to grow as a leader and manager, or just a way to unwind from papers and problem sets, all undergraduates are welcome to take part in this unique Harvard tradition!