Hiring Paperwork

Fall Clean-Up participants are Harvard employees, and all hiring paperwork must be completed before beginning work. Below are the various forms and documents you must provide in order to be paid along with detailed instructions for each form. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions—we are happy to help!  We'll also be sending all participants several emails throughout the summer to guide you through the paperwork process.

Federal requirements prohibit us from accepting scans or photocopies of these documents. You must bring original documents with your to Harvard!

FCU Hiring Paperwork for All Students

I-9 Form

All students must complete this form

The I-9 Form is a federal form used to verify employment eligibility. This form has two sections; you must complete Section 1 before you arrive for Fall Clean-Up, and someone from Dorm Crew will complete Section 2 when you arrive. To expedite your registration, you should a bring a printed copy of the I-9 Form with Section 1 completed when you arrive for Fall Clean-Up. Detailed instructions for completing the I-9 Form are available here.

This form requires you to provide supporting documentation that establishes your identity and work authorization. Although you may use many documents to satisfy this requirement, we strongly recommend that you use your Harvard ID and Social Security card in order to expedite your first paycheck as quickly as possible. No matter which documents you bring, YOU MUST BRING THESE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS WITH YOU TO CAMPUS! If you don't, they will need to be shipped overnight to the Dorm Crew Office. We cannot employ you for Fall Clean-Up without these documents and we cannot accept scans or photocopies; you must provide original, unexpired documents.

The I-9 form also asks you to provide a Social Security number. If you do not have a Social Security number, don't worry! We'll help you apply for one!

Social Security card

To expedite your hiring—and receiving your first paycheck!— we strongly encourage you to bring your original Social Security card with you to campus!

In order to be hired as a student employeed at Harvard, your Social Security number must be on file with the University. Oftentimes, your original Social Security card is needed to verify that the Social Security number on file is correct.  You can also use your Social Security, along with yout Harvard ID, to complete the I-9 form (which means you don't need to worry about providing a passport, driver's license or other supporting documents for your I-9).

If you are an international student and don't have a Social Security number, don't worry! We will help you apply for one when you arrive for Fall Clean-Up (Read the "Social Security letter" section below for more details).

Paychecks & Direct Deposit

Your Fall Clean-Up paycheck will always be issued as a paper check mailed to your campus mailbox; it is not possible to directly deposit your first paycheck. However, if you continue working for Dorm Crew (or another Harvard job) after FCU ends, all subsequent paychecks can be deposited in your bank account rather than receiving a paper check in the mail.

After you have submitted your FCU hiring paperwork, you may follow these instructions to set up direct deposit.

In order to setup direct deposit, you will need to have a bank account. All Harvard students are eligible to join the Harvard University Employees Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial institution that exclusively serves the Harvard community.

FCU Paperwork for International Students

I-20 Form

International students ONLY must provide this form

The I-20 Form is a federal form that Harvard will send to you before you arrive to campus. This form is supporting documentation for your visa, and we need to make a copy of it in order to process your paperwork. It is very important that you bring this form with you to Fall Clean-Up.


International students ONLY must provide this form

The I-94 Form is a federal from that you will receive upon entry in the United States. You must provide a copy of this form in order to process your hiring paperwork. When you arrive for Fall Clean-Up registration, you can also access the form online, and we can print a copy for you.

Social Security letter

If you are an international student and do not have a Social Security number, you must first obtain one before the payroll office can process your I-9 form. The Harvard International Office provides the most current information on obtaining a Social Security number.

Obtaining a Social Security number requires a letter from your employer confirming your offer of employment. When you arrive for Fall Clean-Up, Dorm Crew will give you this letter. You'll then use this letter to apply for your Social Security number. When you receive your Social Security card in the mail, generally 2-3 weeks later, you will bring it to the Dorm Crew Offce to complete your I-9. Your paperwork will then be processed and you can be paid!

Tax Information for All Students

W-4 & M-4 Form

You cannot complete these forms until after you arrive for Fall Clean-Up

After your hiring paperwork has been processed by Harvard's payroll office, you must designate how much money the University should withhold from your paycheck for taxes. You will need to complete these tax withholding documents online:

  • W-4 Form (a federal form instructing Harvard to withhold federal taxes from your paycheck)
  • M-4 Form (a state form instructing Harvard to withhold Massachusetts state taxes from your paycheck)

W-2 Form

You will receive a W2 from Harvard in the mail in early 2018

You may need to file a federal income tax return if you receive a minimum amount of gross income for the calendar year. Filing a federal income tax return requires the information from your W-2 form. Harvard mails you a W-2 form each January. You may also access the form online. Click here to obtain a copy of your W-2.

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