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Is Fall Clean-Up for you? Check out what these FCU alums have to say!

From Our Student Surveys...

  • "I loved Fall Clean Up! I think that participants get more out of FCU than any other first-year orientation program. While the work is hard, it was a fun challenge and I met a lot of great people every day. Thanks for giving me this opportunity!"
  • “Fall Clean-Up was the best way for me to ease into college life. I met so many unique and outgoing people and had so much fun participating in activities after work with my new friends. My captain was an amazing role model who was there not only to make sure we got the job done, but also to extend his friendship to us and offer us advice. Fall Clean-Up was one of my most rewarding experiences as a freshman.”
  • “Making friends and establishing a sense of community was the most meaningful aspect of the pre-orientation experience. Many people I met in Dorm Crew are still some of my closest friends, which shows how much hard work can bring people together.”
  • "Honestly it was a great experience. I've met some amazing people that I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise, and it really bonded us together."
  • "I loved the program! I got to meet many cool people, learn the campus, and explore what it means to become a Harvard student."