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Is Fall Clean-Up the Pre-O program for you? Check out what these FCU alums have to say!

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Through the Toilet Bowl, and What I Found There

Breeanna Elliott '14 reflects on her FCU experiences in Harvard Magazine.

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  • “I’m convinced that Fall Clean-Up is the birthplace of successful Harvard students. In my list of top-ten moments from freshman year, one is meeting my future best friends in the Canaday Common Room during Fall Clean-Up. Dorm Crew makes real people: it pares off the pretensions of Harvard freshmen and molds new skills in their place. As somebody who is a veteran trail crew member and chose not to do FOP, who might be secondary-fielding in VES and chose not to do FAP, and who is likely writing a thesis on urban studies and chose not to do FUP, I say with conviction that Dorm Crew is the pre-orientation program of champions."
  • “Making friends and establishing a sense of community was the most meaningful aspect of the pre-orientation experience. Many people I met in Dorm Crew are still some of my closest friends, which shows how much hard work can bring people together.”
  • Dorm Crew is amazing because you get to make money, meet your closest friends, and explore Harvard in a way that many students never get to experience. 
  • “The most meaningful aspect of my pre-orientation experience was learning the value of hard work and learning to appreciate everything that the cleaning staff at Harvard does. Further, the bonds I made over the experience have been very meaningful.”
  • “Fall Clean-Up was the best way for me to ease into college life. I met so many unique and outgoing people and had so much fun participating in activities after work with my new friends. My captain was an amazing role model who was there not only to make sure we got the job done, but also to extend his friendship to us and offer us advice. Fall Clean-Up was one of my most rewarding experiences as a freshman.”
  • “It was great meeting both international students during FIP, as well as domestic students during Dorm Crew. I would highly advise all international students to do this combination program as it also allows you to apply for a social security card after working Fall Clean-Up.”
  • “I had a lot of fun at FCU last fall. Cleaning the dorms is hard work, but you get to meet a lot of down to earth people and you have down time in the afternoons to explore the Harvard area before everyone else shows up. By the time the official move in day rolls around, you’ve already learned your way around campus, made some cool friends, and earned several hundred dollars. What could be better than that?”
  • “FCU was one of the best experiences I had freshman year. How often do you get the chance to be on campus without having to worry about classes? Dorm Crew is great because you really get to see your progress, and there’s something uniquely satisfying about manual labor that you just can’t get from studying chemistry or English.”
  • “Meeting a bunch of students before the start of the academic year was very helpful in making my transition from high school to college easier. I was not as concerned about making new friends when the year began as I would have been if I moved in when most students did.”