2017 Application Timeline

March 30:The Fall Clean-Up 2017 Application opens. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. When all positions are filled, applicants will be place on a waiting list.
April 22-24:Visitas Weekend. If you're not sure whether FCU is right for you, come learn more about pre-orientation programs during Visitas.
May 5:Deadline for FCU 2017 applications. If positions are still available, this deadline may be extended; however, there is usually a waitlist for FCU by this time.
June 1:1st Confirmation: We ask accepted students to let us know that they still plan to participate. If positions become available, we will begin admitting students off the waiting list.
Summer 2016:All FCU participants should start completing their hiring paperwork. You'll receive emails about paperwork and other FCU details from Dorm Crew throughout the summer.
July 15Your Temporary Registration (TR) Form is due via email to DormCrewFCU@harvard.edu
Mid-Late July:Final Confirmation: We'll ask all participants one more time to let us know that they still plan to participate.
August 15:Arrive for Fall Clean-Up! Don't forget to pack everything you need, including your original Social Security card.
August 16-21:Fall Clean-Up 2017!